Are  you looking for relief from relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or past trauma?  

I have more than 10 years experience, helping people overcome these kinds of problems.

Thru counselling I can help you find more clarity, healthier self-esteem and increased assertiveness.

I use counselling techniques that are effective because they access both your mind and your emotions.  

This produces a more lasting and deeper change in thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

I can help you to see where you are stuck and help you find new ways to move forward in life.

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“From the moment I sat down with Rita I felt calm and relaxed.

I started talking with her at a very turbulent time in my life. She was able to guide me gently through my own trauma, so I could find healing through understanding its roots and symptoms.

She explained information and concepts clearly, and was able to balance empathy/objectivity well. I appreciated that she provided information about day to day or moment by moment practices that were helpful in daily life, and aided with healing.

I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering as a result of their trauma, and who wants to deepen their understanding of it.”


“In the safe, comfortable, space of Rita’s office I have had many breakthroughs regarding my issues. Her calm, non-judgmental demeanor has made it safe for me to explore and work through these. Certain methods she has shown me have been very helpful and I feel I have healed a lot.

I still see her monthly as it feels really good to take that hour for myself and talk about my stuff. I highly recommend this rad lady to anyone that wants to work on their issues and feel supported and safe.

Thank you”