Individual Counselling

I have provided over 5,000 hours of counselling—to  those with relationship problems, anxiety, depression, or past trauma.

This is how I will work with you on these issues:

We often have Inner Conflicts that sometimes leave us feeling insecure, unworthy, helpless or trapped.

We often cope with these very uncomfortable feelings in defensive/protective ways that lead to more emotional confusion and inner conflict.

I can help you understand and sort out all of your Inner Conflicted parts.

I can help you see and heal your defensive/protective parts.

And, as we do this, your Core-Healthy-Self will become clearer and stronger.

This process will allow you to see yourself and your life more clearly.  

It will help you to form relationships and to make decisions that feel right— because your “parts” are no longer in conflict.  

Some common defensive/protective “parts” that can be worked on in counselling are:

Inner Critic, Avoider, Number, Pleaser, Superior, Perfectionist, Niceness, Toughness, Detached, Guilt, Rager, Rescuer, Timid, Clinger, Mistrust, Naive, Self-sabotage.

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Here are some common inner conflicts:  

-why am I lost, lonely, angry, anxious?  How did I get here and why can’t I just get over it?  

-my drinking feels out of control but I also really like what it does for me.

-I try so hard to be helpful or successful but it never seems to be enough for others or for me.

-I either pull away or get angry at my partner when I feel disappointed and I can’t think of a better way to respond.  Is there another option?

-why am I so hard on myself and is it a good thing or a bad thing?

-why do I keep getting involved with abusive people–is it me or them that is the issue?

To learn more about the counselling techniques I use, see the video below.