Do you want to  feel closer to your partner?

Do you want to have less conflict with  your partner?

I can help you to achieve these goals.

A relationship can be the source of great joy and passion…and deep hurt and pain.

The passion, excitement and closeness you experienced at the beginning can become distant, empty and lonely.

Maintaining a close and loving connection over time requires skills and knowledge that are often not modeled or learned in our families or culture.

I can teach you these skills.

I can help you to create a more secure bond with your partner so you can turn to each other for comfort, connection and support.

The first step is to become aware of the emotional cycle that both of you get caught up in.

“The cycle” becomes the enemy—instead of seeing each other as the enemy.

As well, I can teach you a healthier way to talk to each other when conflict arises.

Learning how to talk to each other in this new way will replace the often typical pattern of attacking/blaming or withdrawing/pulling away.

Talking to each other in this new way will bring you closer together instead of pulling you apart.

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