After a number of years with debilitating depression and deeply painful issues I can now happily say that I no longer describe myself as having depression. I believe that one of the key reasons for this recovery is directly attributable to Rita Murphy.

I’ve worked with other counsellors and mental health practitioners with limited success, but Rita helped me in ways that really made the difference and allowed me to heal at a deeply core level.

She seems to have a natural sense of wisdom and compassion as well as very practical tools that really worked to shift things that were stuck inside me.  I wish I could keep seeing her on a regular basis but I am so busy now enjoying my life! Thank you so much Rita.

With great gratitude


I came to Rita through a referral for post-partum depression. She helped me so much to overcome this difficult period in my life with sincere, reassuring and consistent advising, that I managed to get through my experience without any medical intervention.

I also returned to Rita some years later for deeper work on my family relations which I had realized were impacting the success of my personal and business life.

I have since been able to identify negative situations in my life more effectively, stand up for my rights and be more assertive, positively affecting the outcomes of my personal, family and business goals.

Rita is insightful and articulate, and able to help steer towards the desired change and outcome of the seeker.


My life took a downward spiral in 2013 after a life changing event. I found myself with depression & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I tried a few Counsellors but there was no personal connection.  I was recommended to Rita through my insurance company and I am glad I was.
I found my sessions similar to physically working out. Some days it felt harder and I was tired afterwards and some days I felt re-energized and optimistic, and like exercising even the harder days were a step forward to better mental health.  
Rita was ever the consummate professional. We explored a variety of techniques until we found the right one for me and my challenges.
Together we explored and improved every aspect of my life: My career, my family, my kids, my marriage. Our sessions brought an introspection to my life that I never had before and I am better for having it.
Put simply, I am here because Rita Murphy helped me come back from a dark time and words will never be enough to express the gratitude I have for her.


In the safe, comfortable, space of Rita’s office I have had many breakthroughs regarding my issues. Her calm, non-judgmental demeanor has made it safe for me to explore and work through these. Certain methods she has shown me have been very helpful and I feel I have healed a lot.


I still see her monthly as it feels really good to take that hour for myself and talk about my stuff. I highly recommend this rad lady to anyone that wants to work on their issues and feel supported and safe.

Thank you


From the moment I sat down with Rita I felt calm and relaxed.

I started talking with her at a very turbulent time in my life. She was able to guide me gently through my own trauma, so I could find healing through understanding its roots and symptoms.

She explained information and concepts clearly, and was able to balance empathy/objectivity well. I appreciated that she provided information about day to day or moment by moment practices that were helpful in daily life, and aided with healing.

I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering as a result of their trauma, and who wants to deepen their understanding of it.


Rita Murphy was extremely patient and helped me focus on the trauma itself. She was supportive and taught me to understand the root of problems and carefully develop self-compassion and emotional stability. She taught me the tools and boundaries necessary to develop healthy relationships and regain a healthy life again.
Whether you are someone who has experienced major trauma or not in your life…I believe these tools are fundamental for everyone in managing pain, emotion and stress.
Rita helped me regain faith in myself to lead a happier future and stop accumulating pain throughout my life. I recommend Rita Murphy as an excellent counsellor in the community of Squamish. She will be there with you every step of the way, helping you to reclaim your life again. 


 Contact me at:    rita@ritamurphycounselling.com