Many of the clients I have seen over the last 10 years, have had traumatic experiences.

Often, the traumatic events occurred when they were a child or teen.

Sometimes the events occurred only once, sometimes they occurred over months or years.

Sometimes the traumatic experience is obvious (e.g.. sexual abuse) and sometimes its less obvious (e.g.. years of feeling neglected by an alcoholic parent).

During a traumatic event, a child  often feels overwhelmed and alone. They often feel trapped, unable to fight back or run away from the situation, and have to form emotional defences to cope.

As these traumas often occur within a close relationship, the child’s attachment to others also becomes defensive/protective instead of secure/trusting.

In counselling, I can help you see the defensive/protective “parts” that were formed during these ongoing, repeated traumas.  

I can help you resolve your protective/defensive parts—as well as your vulnerable parts.

As this process happens in counselling, your core healthy part becomes bigger, stronger and clearer.

Here are some situations where childhood trauma can occur:

-a parent is addicted to drugs

-a nasty divorce or parental conflict that goes on for years

-domestic violence occurs in the home.

-a child is sexually or physically abused by a trusted person within the family or community.

-a parent has a serious mental illness.

-a parent is highly critical of their child, calling them names, insulting them.

-a parent neglects the physical and/or emotional needs of their child.

-harsh and prolonged bullying at school/home.

 Some typical adult symptoms (of childhood trauma) are:

-having big feelings that feel unmanageable and that often seem an overreaction to the situation at hand.

-being unable to form happy and stable loving relationships

-being unable to create and enjoy satisfying work

-using food, sex, drugs, pornography, work, exercise, etc.—to cope with depression, anxiety or low mood.

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